Build Competency

Build the competency of your workforce to develop superior products, services & processes and to continuously improve existing processes, while increasing productivity. ei will:

  • Develop and implement a Business Process Improvement Deployment Plan.  Many organizations fail because they try to do too much; people become overwhelmed and end up paralyzed.  Additionally, they may not anticipate how much the organization will resist implementing something new.  We will custom-fit a plan based on your requirements.  Deployment could range from a targeted “get-the-basics” approach, all the way through broad implementation of Design for Six Sigma, Lean, and Six Sigma. Whatever the case, we will develop a sound Change Management plan to ensure success.
  • Help you establish the right governance and metrics to manage for success.  In order for any organization to succeed, they need to ensure that the appropriate management oversight is in place, including appropriate metrics that drive the desired behavior.
  • Customize training curriculum and materials to meet the specific needs of your organization
  • Teach process improvement classes, including Design for Lean Six Sigma (DLSS), Lean, Six Sigma, & Change Management.  Topics include:  gaining alignment across business leaders and important stakeholders, collecting and understanding Voice of the Customer (VOC), identification of critical success factors, planning for future generations of products/services/processes, and risk assessment.  Optional topics include:  creativity techniques for generating new ideas, Quality Function Deployment, basic & advanced statistics (including Design of Experiments), process mapping, value stream mapping, standard work, 5S and more.
  • Coach teams/individuals through process improvement initiatives.  ei will assist with all aspects of your projects, from facilitating a large group through a complex problem to helping your leaders determine the right next steps to understanding how to use a more technical tool to analyzing statistical data.
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